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Customers that use your affiliate link have 3 months to make any purchases. You earn on the initial sale and on any recurring purchases made.

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Affiliate frequently asked questions

Who is eligible for CoinEd Online's Affiliate program?

Our Affiliate program is free to join for anybody that has at least one demonstrated channel and audience that is aligned with CoinEd Online's brand. Channels include: websites; blogs; Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, or Twitter followings; or email newsletters.

How does CoinEd's Affiliate program work?

As a CoinEd Affiliate, you earn 25% of revenue for any purchases made by customers you refer. You will be provided with login details to your CoinEd Online account where you can access your Affiliate Dashboard. Here you can find your unique affiliate link, all your referral and payment information, and create specific discount voucher links for your customers. Referrals have 90 days from using your link to purchase a product to qualify for the commission.

How do commission payouts work?

Once payment from a referral has been received in full, sales will be logged in your Affiliate Dashboard and will be shown as 'pending' for 30 days (our cancellation period). Thereafter, commission will be calculated. You will receive commission pay-outs on the 20th of each calendar month via your preferred payment method which can be set on your Affiliate Dashboard.

Need more details?

You can review our Affiliate Program terms and conditions here. By signing up as a CoinEd Affiliate and using your unique affiliate link, you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. Feel free to email if you have any other questions.
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