"Risky Learning" or "Forward Thinking"?

A principal of one of our high school clients mentioned that some parents had concerns over their children learning about 'such risky things' like cryptocurrencies at school. As educators of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, she wanted to know our thoughts.

We had 2 words for her: "Social Media". Children are already exposed to this technology. The problem is that this exposure is distorted by Youtubers, influencers & advertisers with self-motivated agendas. This creates ‘hype’ with no context, and people, especially children, follow blindly.

The scores of young victims being scammed is evidence of a knowledge gap, which means being educated about these subjects in a controlled manner is more crucial for young adults.
We asked Howard Walmsley, founder of EQtutors, for his thoughts on the matter...
"We are seeing increasing amounts of teens getting scammed by Crypto lifestylers on instagram etc. The promise of fast money is being made to young people who by nature of their developmental stage, neurologically at least, have a diminished sense of consequence and could hardly be called risk-averse. I also think there's a wider issue of the morals/ethics of materialism this shines a light on; popular culture's failure to communicate 'process' as the key ingredient in 'progress'.

A common question I ask young people is whether they'd prefer to spend ten years running their own businesses, riding a roller-coaster of a learning curve that has them pushed out of their comfort zones and dealing with failure and success as equal parts of the same process of progress - and which ultimately delivers them, after ten years, a company that values them at 10 million dollars. Or, do nothing for ten years, win a lottery ticket, and get 10 million dollars for 'free'.

I imagine you can guess which is most frequently chosen. The heartbreaking thing it reveals is that there is a fundamental misunderstanding at play that even the most brilliant and ambitious are falling into."
Current circumstances are pointing parents to be forward thinking on educating their children on new technology. Ignoring it leaves them exposed to potentially being taken advantage of or missing out on new avenues of growth.

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